New Hungarian PO file for 'guix-packages' (version 0.14.0)
(too old to reply)
Translation Project Robot
2017-12-17 14:27:06 UTC
Hello, gentle maintainer.

This is a message from the Translation Project robot.

A revised PO file for textual domain 'guix-packages' has been submitted
by the Hungarian team of translators. The file is available at:


(We can arrange things so that in the future such files are automatically
e-mailed to you when they arrive. Ask at the address below if you want this.)

All other PO files for your package are available in:


Please consider including all of these in your next release, whether
official or a pretest.

Whenever you have a new distribution with a new version number ready,
containing a newer POT file, please send the URL of that distribution
tarball to the address below. The tarball may be just a pretest or a
snapshot, it does not even have to compile. It is just used by the
translators when they need some extra translation context.

The following HTML page has been updated:


If any question arises, please contact the translation coordinator.

Thank you for all your work,

The Translation Project robot, in the
name of your translation coordinator.